About Desert Leadership

There is one thing that is constant in today’s world and that is change. In most recent years, change has accelerated at a historically high rate. As an organization how do you cope with change, from both a personal and organization standpoint? Are you prepared for the changes that will take place in your business, industry and the overall global economy?

At Desert Leadership, we understand change. We understand how it affects both the organization and individual as a whole within an ever changing society. We understand how change can provide every opportunity needed to take you and your business from high potential to high performance in a collaborative, effective and innovative way that will produce the results that you are seeking. Desert Leadership builds strong effective teams, improves employee performance, aligns people with your business strategy and improves profitability. Desert Leadership delivers professional development and training, executive coaching services designed to help your company achieve measurable results and leadership development.

Desert Leadership has also partnered with 360 Solutions, a business consulting and employee training and development company. 360 Solutions has over 15 years of experience in providing high quality employee training and business consulting. We at Desert Leadership believe that everyone has value and everyone deserves a chance to be successful. With each learning experience explores the role that each individual leader plays in creating and sustaining a strong successful business.

Melissa and Jeff also serve as faculty members for 360’s High Performance Leadership program. The program is designed to train and develop leaders and teams to achieve their fullest potential in performance and productivity within the organization.

What make us different and more effective:

  • Before we recommend a plan of action we first identify and analyze the underlying causes of your organizational challenges and your needs.
  • Every service we provide is customized to meet your particular needs. We do not believe in the idea that one-size fits all solutions.
  • Action plans are linked directly to your most critical business goals. We deliver measurable and practical results.
  • We are Authentic. We speak your language, offer real-life results, and never side step or sugar coat the truth.
  • We are Empathetic. We see things through your eyes, realizing that every situation is unique and comes with certain, and unexpected variable to deal with.
  • We are Mentors. This is about helping people recognize and transform their behaviors to greater success for themselves and the organization.