Effective Communication

Posted On: November 16, 2015 by: Melissa Charles

Organizations that recognize effective communication as a strategic advantage are better positioned to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Effective communication is essential to doing business successfully in the 21st century.

I believe that the most successful organizations in the future will be those who know how to create an environment that encourages, values and rewards effective communicators. Regardless of size, organizations that value communication as a strategic tool recognize the value of learning about the following:

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Listening Effectively
  • Practicing Using Communication Tools
  • Enhancing Your Communication Skills

As the workforce and customer base continue to change and evolve in both public and private sectors, in small and medium-size companies, and in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, there is an ever-growing need for effective communication. I am confident that your completion of this learning model will assist you in creating an environment that not only values effective communication but also lets you leverage communication to your organization’s advantage. Creating an organization in which communication is truly valued is more than just a good idea; it’s good business.

Effective communication is an essential skill in today’s fast-paced business world. Effective communicators understand that communication is a complex process that can often be challenging. Taking the time to improve yours skills is a worthwhile investment in your self-development. It takes both effort and practice to develop effective communication, but the payoff will be worth it. A major goal of this eBook is to understand that effective communication skill development does not come from a one-time training program or any “quick fix”. It is an ongoing, developmental process that tales commitment, dedication, and willingness to learn and develop new behaviors and skills.

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